Three Similar Anime Dr.Stone – Senku

About Dr. Stone :

The anime follows the story of Senkuu, a smart boy passionate of technology, which aims, in a world of a stone age of the future, to reinvent everything that humanity has discovered in the past. More here

1.) Are you lost ?

About Are you lost ? :

Due to a plane crash … starting today, we spend the spring of our lives on a desert island. There’s nothing here, so we have to do anything. And let’s eat anything! (Disgusting!) Pay attention to our high school girls’ survival story about courage and science. In fact, we are doing pretty well! We learn to eat crickets, to build traps, a simple allergy test, to eat crabs, etc. More here

2.) Yakusoku no Neverland / The Promised Neverland

About Neverland :

Three clever children devise a plan to escape the Grace Field Orphanage! The life of children is awesome, no child is neglected, especially since they are all adopted until the age of 12, they have a mom who takes care of them, but one day, two very intelligent orphans, venture beyond the gate and discover the terrible reality behind their existence. From now on, the story follows the children’s plans to escape from the orphanage. The hidden secrets of the orphanage turn the 3 children upside down and mobilize them to come up with an escape plan from that place. More here

3.) Hyouka

About Hyouka

The whole action revolves around the „budding detective”, Oreki Houtarou. He has an interesting mentality, considering excessive energy consumption or waste. He joins the Classical Literature Club at the request of his older sister. From that moment on, Houtarou’s peaceful life deteriorates, as the same club is joined by the student Eru Chitanda, a nice girl, but who becomes an impediment for Houtarou as soon as she says the words: „I’m curious!”. All four are beginning to investigate a case that happened 45 years ago. All indications of this mystery are hidden in the anthology of some old members of the Club of Classical Literature, anthology number „Hyouka”. More here

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