Multiple Languages One App. Write texts in multiple languages using a single app for change characters from your keyboard phone

Hi! Adrian here

Today I want to share with you an application that I use on my phone to change my keyboard on phone in different languages in which I want to chat.

The name of the application is Gboard and it’s a simple app offered from Google wherewith you can change the phone keypad characters in the language you want to chat with people from different countries.

I put some images to show you how this app looks and if you want to download it you will see a button below these pictures. This button will redirect you to a page with ads in the right-top corner you will see a time of 5 sec. After the time is over a skip button will appear and you will be able to download. If you have an ads blocker put it on pause when accessing the download link and allow the site for a moment, to send you notifications.

Thank you and bye!

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